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A sophisticated portal of technology for the future of online business. 

Access to our eCommerce platform
Expose your products to millions of users
Earn from the sales of other vendors
Access multiple affiliate programs

How Do We Work

Comprising innovative gateways of trading, e-commerce, investments and digital wealth building at the finest level.
Who are we?
We are group of affiliates and partners operating in Energy, Hospitality and Accommodation, Food and Beverages, and Car Tires as wholesalers. Through our community we are planning to grow sales and in return compensate our partners with money and shares.
Our business?

Our network is relatively new, but with full of energy to work hard. Our businesses are operating in Europe and Asia, and we are aiming to expand globally.
Through our community, strong efforts, smart market positions, and new deals we are aiming to start the first listing process in early 2022.

Why do we need you?
Because you can help our network grow, and therefore, our sales, and profit. As a partner you can earn around 20% from every period return (about 7 times a year), and a few other ways explained below.
Why do you need us?
You could be working from home on your computer based on your own schedule and earn stable income.
Free and Premium Plans

Lucrative Pricing Plans

Select a pricing plan that fits your purpose. You can upgrade any time!

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Affiliate Plan

  • 3% Affiliate commission
  • Commission on network sales
  • Network commission
  • Periodic Investment returns
    € 200  
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Partner Basic Plan

  • 5% Affiliate commission
  • 5% commission on network sales
  • 15% Network commission
  • Periodic Investment returns

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Partner Standard Plan

  • 9% Affiliate commission
  • 16% commission on network sales
  • 8% Network commission
  • Periodic Investment returns

Community Earnings

Community earnings are distributed within all the Partners of our portal. Once a partner sells a product, or a service he/she gets a commission. Part of this commission is given to every Partner as well.

Global Profit Share
Global Profit Share

We pay every partner commission generated from our sales, bookings, licenses, and returns on investment.

Work from Home
Work from Home
Let’s be real, no matter where you’re working from, you’re still doing just that: working. Promote your and our products and services wherever from you are mostly productive.
Sale Commissions
Sale Commissions
The GATE Index offers different packages to allow you earn from every transaction within our community. 


Real-time information

Live data flow from all our portals. View your profits and performance with no delays inside your affiliate/partner account.


Expanding virally

The popularity of the GATE index is overwhelming. The more our partners and their performance, the higher the returns.


Full transparency

We provide periodic reports based on our operations’ performance drilled down to daily return on investment.

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